• Reach Plus 6 Kit - Carbon Fiber Tripod with Soft Bag


    What is Included

    Tripod: SC-EFP-CF150SM
    Head: SC-V65 / 150RP
    Ground Spreader: SC-FS100
    Pan Bar: SC-PB20
    Soft Carrying Case


    Weight: 13.5kg (29.7lb)
    Max Payload: 65kg (143.3lb)
    Height Range: 55-108cm
    Bowl Diameter: 150mm
    Transport Length: 98cm


    65kg max payload offer outstanding support for EFP configuration camera and studio application  EFP, OB, and Studio application. Improved drag system enhances the smoothness of head movement.

    In addition, our graded drag adjustment ensures fast change of tilt and pan drags. 

    Step-type counterbalance system helps the camera operator to balance the camera in moments without having to change over and over again to look for the right amount of counterbalance. 

    The quick release mechanism ensures operator to quickly mount or dismount the camera on the head at a moment's notice.
    The fluid head is made with high quality CNC machinery, ensuring high reliability and improves the fluid head performance substantially.

     In order to enhance rigidity of plastic parts, high quality hard plastic is adopted to manufacture all plastic parts of fluid heads, especially those control elements (brake level, clamp level etc.), which results in considerable high durability of SECCED fluid heads.

    The head is a 150mm ball head, which is compatible with most 150mm tripods on the market.

    Our Speed Locking system ensures a quick setup meaning operators can get it ready for work within moments of unpacking. Lightweight, solid and strong, it supports up to 20kg, use with various heads to support DV/HDV cameras.

    Equipped with off ground and ground spreaders, stability is never an issue.

    The durable and heavily tested lightweight Carbon Fiber that the tripod is made from ensure its high rigidity and long lasting status.

    3 Year Warranty - Serviced in North America
    Shipping cost is subject to change*

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