• Reach Plus 2 Kit - Carbon Fiber Tripod with Soft Bag


    • Professional tripod at a great value.
    • Heavy Duty 11.4kg payload
    • Lightweight carbon fiber
    • Improved drag system provides smooth head movement
    • 3 year limited global warranty

    What is Included

    Tripod: SC-DV75-CF
    Head: SC-DV10 / 75RP
    Ground Spreader: SC-FS100
    Pan Bar: SC-PB10
    Soft Carrying Case


    Weight: 6.80kg (15lb)
    Max Payload: 11.4kg (25.1lb)
    Height Range: 55-162cm
    Bowl Diameter: 75mm
    Transport Length: 86cm

    At just $1,109, Cinegears is proud to offer the Secced Reach Plus 2 Kit.

    The Secced is a reliable, well built, and affordable tripod offering the perfect solution for those who want the benefits of a lighter tripod but need to be able to handle a higher capacity payload.

    The fluid head is made with high quality CNC machinery, ensuring high reliability and improves the fluid head performance substantially.

    A tripod is a long term investment and the Secced tripod will be a vital part of your production equipment you will be able to use for decades.




    Contact info@cinegears.com today to order.

    3 Year Warranty - Serviced in North America
    Shipping cost is subject to change*

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