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Secced is actively reshaping the foreground of the Tripod Industry by providing high quality products at affordable prices, effectively balancing the quintessentially consumer-demanded blend of quality and value.From the casual enthusiast, to the demanding professional production studio, Secced has quickly established itself as a reliable company offering superior quality products backed by dependable customer services and comprehensive warranty coverage.Since Secced's inception in 2005, the company has provided fantastic German engineered designing, and the durability and functionality of the brand resulted in their technology becoming the official tripod, jib, and crane of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Secced is the amalgamation and integration of over a decade of intensive field tested technology that focuses on three components: stability, fluidity, and durability.

The multi-grade balancing and damping systems is resistant to temperature changes and enables highly fluid and fine camera movements, and the step-type counter balance system ensures ease of spontaneous mobility with no sacrifice to stability.

The improved drag systems supports nearly any camera brand while providing enhanced customization, allowing the user to calibrate the fluidity of the movements according to the demands of the task, rather than relying solely on the dexterity of the user.
The high-quality carbon fiber footings are field and factory tested to guarantee the longevity of the components supporting heavy loads for long term use, as well as durability when transporting the product through the arduous conditions that are so often encountered in the film and photography industry.

As mentioned, Secced is dedicated to providing the dependability and functionality of the highest-end brands at just a fraction of the cost, and the products are all guaranteed with a comprehensive 3 year warranty backed by very personable and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Whereas other affordable brand names focus on selling large amounts of products of a lesser quality they won't guarantee, Secced is confident in their product, and their dependable warranty policies reflect their dedication and commitment to an optimized technology that has the functionality and durability of any of high-end competitors, but underlined with a price tag that doesn't exclude the independent demographic.

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Secced Fluid Head Designs are patented in Eurozone.